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Law Enforcement Program Trainers


Jesse Gutierrez


Assistant K-9 Trainer

K-9 Trainer Jesse Gutierrez

K-9 Trainer Jesse Gutierrez

Jesse has been a police officer at a large central valley agency in California for 9 years.  He has been a K-9 handler for 5 years. Jesse and hisK-9 have several arrests and agency assists to their credit. Jesse assisted with developing tactical K9 training for his agencies SWAT team. He is a member of the W.S.P.C.A. and he has won several awards competing in the Police K9 trials.

Jesse has attended and completed several K-9 courses including S.K.I.D.D.S/C.A.T.S, Tactical Tracker Teams, and the International K-9 Conference.  Jesse has also completed several hours of instruction at the Police K-9 H.I.T.S, Law Dogs, and W.S.P.C.A Conferences.

James Murphy


Corporate K-9 Trainer

K-9 Trainer James Murphy

James Murphy

James has over 24 years of experience with K9 training and handling. He has eighteen years of law enforcement experience. James’ last assignment was one of the trainers and handlers for a large municipal police department in California. James worked a dual purpose dog trained in patrol and narcotics. James was on the urban rifle team and attended numerous tactics and firearms courses.

James was responsible for a police service dog certified in the detection of controlled substances and patrol. James worked within a canine unit of 14 handlers, two sergeants and a lieutenant. During this assignment, James developed training, attended courses and spearheaded the attendance of training classes, seminars, and workshops by other team members. James created

the training program for his agencies canine unit with regard to in-service training and report writing procedures. James developed the current operation of parcel interdiction at a local area shipping company that has resulted in the seizure of significant amounts of controlled substances, Unites States Currency, and the arrest of a vast number of criminals. James has numerous deployments that resulted in finds of suspects and apprehensions. James had several finds after long tracks of violent armed felons.

James was instrumental in developing the current highway interdiction program and made several seizures of controlled substances, currency, firearms and pirated digital media. James was assigned to a special committee for the Western States Police Canine Association and helped develop the annual training conference currently held in Reno, Nevada.

James is a POST certified K-9 evaluator. James is responsible for selecting and training numerous police dogs and International working dogs. James has trained dogs in patrol, narcotics, explosives, tracking, and article searching. James has traveled throughout the United States conducting training for local and state law enforcement as well as international security firms.

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Pat Kropholler


Director of Interdiction Training

K-9 Trainer Pat Kropholler

Pat Kropholler

Pat Kropholler has been a sworn peace officer for twenty years. He is currently a Sergeant with a Northern California Sheriff’s Office, and serves on a multi-jurisdictional narcotics task-force.  He has been either the lead investigator and/or assisted in hundreds of cases involving contraband smuggling with domestic and/or international ties to significant DTO’s (Drug Trafficking Originations). These cases have resulted in the seizure of thousands of pounds of controlled substances and millions of dollars in drug currency.

During his years as an interdiction officer, Pat has developed tactics and techniques used to identify the contraband smuggler when they are most vulnerable; while in transit. He has testified in the state and federal court systems regarding major drug/currency smuggling cases and the role contraband detection K-9’s serve in these incidents. He was partnered with his cross trained K-9, Maximus for ten and a half years until Maximus’ retirement in 2013. Pat serves as his agencies K-9 Program Coordinator and supervises a team of six handlers cross trained for controlled substance detection and protection work.


Frank Ball


State Director

K-9 Trainer Frank Ball

Frank Ball

Frank has 21 years for of experience in Law Enforcement. Frank started his law enforcement career with the Edgewater Police Department and continued with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. He then worked for the Hannahville Tribal Police Department in Michigan.

Frank became a K-9 handler with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in 1988. Frank was a successful handler which allowed him to have over 400 Criminal Apprehensions during his time as a handler. Frank was also instrumental in the confiscation of large amounts of currency and narcotics as a K-9 handler. Frank has experience as a trainer for the departments he worked for and was involved with the training for surrounding departments.

Frank also has experience working in the private K-9 sector and handled numerous Explosive Detection Teams and training numerous dogs for private companies around the world. Frank sold and trained the first Narcotic Detection Dogs for the State of Florida Corrections. Frank has trained hundreds of Explosive Detection and Narcotic Detection Dogs along with hundreds of Full Service K-9 teams over the years as a K-9 trainer. Frank is an expert in K-9 tracking techniques and has taught K-9 tracking courses for departments all over the US.


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