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Civilian Dog Training Program

VCSi has taken our world class training experience and tailored programs that are geared toward helping dog owners train their pets. Our training programs are designed to be fun for both dogs and owners. We will help you train your dog utilizing positive reinforcement training to teach dogs obedience and correct undesirable  behavior.

We offer the following programs to serve dogs of any age and any training level.

Puppy Training – Puppy class for 10 weeks old to 6 month old dogsd1

  • Introduction to commands sit down stay heel and recall
  • Basic manners, socialization to animal and people
  • Help with potty training, problem solving, transitioning to their new home
  • This can be a group or private classes

Basic Obedience – The beginner class for 6 month old dogs and older with no training

  • It will consist of on leash exercises
  • Sit down stay recall and heeling with a loose leash long down socialization with people and animals
  • Proper way to greet people and other animals introduction to marker training
  • This can be a group or private class

Intermediate Obedience – Intermediate Obedience for dogs that have completed the Basic Course

  • Introduction to off leash obedience heeling sit stay long down recall with distractions
    Change of position focus and marker training
    This can be a group or private class

Advanced Obedience – Advanced obedience for dogs that have been through the Intermediate Course

  • This is a class focusing on off leash exercises focused heeling long down and recall with distractions, change of position from a distance marker training, this is where we put all the hard work together.

Board and Train

  • Your dog will stay and train at our facility for a month. Our corporate trainers will provide training and exercises as directed by the pet owner. This can include: down, heeling, recall, change of position, long down, and problem solving. A Board and Train program is best followed up with private lessons to reinforce the behavior with the pet owner giving the commands. This option will take your pets obedience capabilities to the next level.

Personal Protection Dog Training

  • VCSi offers Personal Protection Dog training that will allow you to have a dog that is also a protection system you can take where ever you go. Not all pet dogs can be trained as personal protection dogs but we can provide you with a dog that can.

Training Schedule

Thursday ClassesIMG_0548

Puppy 6:00pm – 6:30pm
Basic 6:45pm – 7:15pm
Intermediate 7:30pm – 8:00pm
Advanced 8:15pm – 8:45pm

Saturday Classes

Puppy 10:00am – 10:30am
Basic 10:45am – 11:15am
Intermediate 11:30am – 12:00pm
Advanced 12:15pm – 12:45pm


Obedience courses are typically six weeks in duration with the owner attending one training session per week. For the pet owners that want to kick start their obedience training, you have the option to attend two training sessions per week, both the Thursday and Saturday training sessions. Each session is $40.00.

6 Training Sessions in six weeks (one training session per week, Thursday or Saturday) = $240.00 ($200.00 for advanced payment in full)

12 Training Sessions in six weeks (two training sessions per week, attending both Thursday and Saturday) = $480.00 ($400.00 for advanced payment in full)

Board and Train = $3000.00

Private Training Sessions can be scheduled at time the fits in your busy schedule and can be conducted at your home or a location near you. = $150.00 per session

Personal Protection Dog Training = Call for pricing

Civilian Training Program

  • Price: $40.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $200.00 Quantity:
    (one training session per week, Thursday or Saturday)
  • Price: $400.00 Quantity:
    (two training sessions per week, attending both Thursday and Saturday)
  • Price: $3,000.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $150.00 Quantity:

For more information please contact Trevor Wilson PH: 530.949.1148